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Archive for December, 2016 – BAKU OVERSEAS PROPERTY EXPO

Baku Overseas Property Expo – is Foreign Real Estate Exhibition with unique concept: during 2 days of exhibition participants will have great opportunity for intensive communication, sharing experience and presentation of their offers to potential buyers, investors and professionals of Azerbaijan real estate market.


Total number of participants is up to 18 companies. You can choose among Gold, Silver and Bronze participation packages.

This is the high-level private exhibition for pre-selected, targeted audience. Entrance for visitors is by invitations or pre-registration only.

This is an intimate arena where the guests’ attention is focused on a few selected exhibitors and not spread among hundreds of unrelated offers.

Each exhibitor’s space maintains a very comfortable setting to insure that sales pitches, presentations and negotiations with partners and clients can be held privately and effectively.

Complimentary refreshments all day, including canapés and wine service.

The event will run two days – Friday and Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00


Workshop – Foreign participants meet Azerbaijan realtors with the aim to find new partners and conclude contracts for cooperation.

Round Table – Discussion of the current condition of Azerbaijan and Foreign real estate markets and opportunities for cooperation.


Exhibition – Foreign participants meet Azerbaijan potential property buyers and investors in foreign real estate.

Business Program– Series of presentations. Participants present their companies and projects to potential clients and partners. -AirBnB to cap some European rentals at 60 days per year

AirBnB has negotiated a deal that will cap the number of days London and Amsterdam residents can rent out their homes at 60 days per year, reports the Australian Financial Review.

The deal is a compromise between those who say AirBnB is a benefit to homeowners and tourists alike, and those who are against the accommodation portal, including hotel owners who complain about the competition.

To enforce the cap, a day counter will be installed on Amsterdam listings and bookings that go beyond the limit will be blocked.

The cap in Amsterdam is 60 days while in London it’s slightly longer at 90. Amsterdam will also introduce a 24-hour hotline for complaints. The rules strengthen existing guidelines set up in 2015. Airbnb will automatically limit home listings on its platform from 2017.

“We want to be good partners for everyone in [Amsterdam] and ensure home sharing grows responsibly and sustainably,” said Airbnb general manager for Northern Europe James McClure.

Many residents of the Dutch capital complain tourists wandering side streets with rolling suitcases and noisy groups who come to Amsterdam to party are making the centre unliveable.